Monday, 24 April 2017

QE2 created an Orchard and pathways 

The ground needed lots of hard work in all weathers to be able to plant the fruit trees.
                                                                         Ground preparations began with weeding out the Sedge Grass.
                                                         Triumphant  root extraction

We cut back the undergrowth to prepare for the path.

 Measuring up for the membrane
 Raking, leveled the ground

                                                                          Digging out the                                                                         bank where the path is going

Collecting the mulch
The important job of stamping down the mulch to make the ground flat.


Digging holes for the fruit trees involved removing the large stones.
                                                                       We dug 15 more holes

    Then begun tree planting
                                Finally after four months of hard labour the path was finished

QE2  planted 15 fruit trees and made pathways through our new Orchard


Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas preparations

Christmas preparations in GreenHouse with help from Gold day service

Edited by Chelsea

Paul helped make a arty tree for our wall display.

Decorating the Christmas Tree in Greenhouse.

Matti helped decorate

Cheryl helped decorate

Rafel made a door wreath

Cheryl made her door wreath independently 

Table/door wreaths completed thanks to the help of our visitor Dawn.

Paul had to pretend to be a Christmas tree in our Advent quiz.

Amy made a Christmas

Daniel made a Christmas card

Rafel made a card

Adam made mince pies for our coffee afternoon with Qe2 visitors.

Paul enjoyed baking

Cheryl  greased the tins

Craig filled the mince pies

We shared our mince pies with our visitors

craft work

Hello and welcome.
I made a fairy jar. I used silver glitter and a glass jar. Gemma 

We have been making fairy doors, which we will we will hide in the woods so that others can hunt for them. 

We made them out of wooden sticks and glued them together and painted them. We then covered them in glitter.  Then we waterproofed the doors with pva  glue and stuck   a door knob on the front.

We have also been making soup can lanterns. First we had to remove the labels, make a design and hammer holes into the design. The holes showed a tea light through in the dark.

Thanks for reading, cheerio. 
Dan, Craig and Gemma

Friday, 16 December 2016

Autumn 2016

Greenhouse and Gold Day services groups,decided we needed a scarecrow to scare off the birds eating our seeds, so we made a scarecrow.

 Kevin learnt how to tie the wood frame together using a special knot.

 Chelsea worked with Mattie stuffing the scarecrows body, she said "it was hard but fun"

Greenhouse and Gold groups made a female scarecrow and planted her in our allotment.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Woodland art

Winter is getting closer, but Autumn is still here and It has turned our country park all sorts of different colours.

So while there are still all sorts of building materials in the forest (such as sawdust, colourful leaves and various twigs and branches, we decided to make some interesting outdoors art.

 Our murder mystery chalk outline.

 Made with Sawdust and a bit of help from our "victim" Craig.
 Creating giant bacteria using what we can find in the forest.

 Lots of twigs and saw dust were used to create interesting textures.

Our group of outdoor artists!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Summer Update

          Welcome to our latest blog post. We are busy as always with lots of exciting and challenging activities. and now with our brand new camera, we can catch more of the action.

Recently we've done everything from making our jam to holding our own Olympics!

Here's a taste of our latest exploits:

Making Jam
Apple and Blackcurrant using freshly picked fruit

Harvesting the Greenhouse Allotment

Greenhouse Allotment Potatoes

Cooking Jobs and Preparing the Table

Gemma enjoys being in the kitchen.


Music Area Development

Everyone helped to build our own out door drum kit.

Orienteering Team Building

Green team head out into the wilderness of manor farm country park, searching for clues.

Kevin says "Orienteering is good. It was fun to find what I found. It was fun. I like working together"

Wall Repairs - with Craig

Someone accidentally made a hole in the greenhouse wall, so it's up to green team to fix it.

Paddling in the River Hamble

As it was a really nice day we took our Cafe' outside!

Football Tournament
Lenita says "It was good. I enjoyed plying football. We didn't win so we will try again next year."

Adam say "I was in goal and tackling. I was kicking the ball high. Jame's team won and that is okay. We need to practice to try and win next year. We are doing it for everyone. We will be excellent"

We worked hard training for a football tournament with other day services in our area. and we came second! result!

Craig briefs the team manager on his new game plan.

We decided that as part of our sports day,we would have a bbq, we cooked  our own sausages up at the top field and had a picnic.

Will had his own special gluten free sausages and rolls.

We had a fun time bowling with some local volunteers some from the local petanque team. They taught us how to play then joined us for a few games.

Thanks Very much for reading our blog, see you soon!