Monday, 24 April 2017

QE2 created an Orchard and pathways 

The ground needed lots of hard work in all weathers to be able to plant the fruit trees.
                                                                         Ground preparations began with weeding out the Sedge Grass.
                                                         Triumphant  root extraction

We cut back the undergrowth to prepare for the path.

 Measuring up for the membrane
 Raking, leveled the ground

                                                                          Digging out the                                                                         bank where the path is going

Collecting the mulch
The important job of stamping down the mulch to make the ground flat.


Digging holes for the fruit trees involved removing the large stones.
                                                                       We dug 15 more holes

    Then begun tree planting
                                Finally after four months of hard labour the path was finished

QE2  planted 15 fruit trees and made pathways through our new Orchard


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