Monday, 22 February 2016

keeping busy

Welcome to Greenhouse, this is our second post about what we have done in the week.

Today's post has been written by Liam, Craig and Dan as guest journalists giving you the top stories about Greenhouse.

Wood work

This week has been a busy week for wood work. We have built and painted a brand new leaf storage box. We repainted our birdhouses and flowerbeds. We also repaired and repainted our raised beds, fitting a new liner and filling them with soil.  

Craig making our newly repaired flower bed.


As winter is in full flow, we have had the massive job of clearing leaves from our paths. There are so many leaves lying about that we've had to build new compost bins to fit it all!

 Mark and Thomas taking leaves to the compost bin

Mark collecting more leaves for the compost bins


As part of our partnership with Manor farm, we pack seed bags for the park. These seed bags can be purchased in the park to feed the birds.

Dan, Kevin Craig and Paula putting seed bags in containers, so the can be sold up at Manor farm.

Amy, Mark and Chelsea Making more seed bags
"Chelsea pouring in the seeds and Amy sticking on the stickers" Dan G 22/02/2016

 Amy, Mark and Chelsea Making more seed bags

 Thomas adding more stickers

Cheryl and Thomas adding more stickers
Dan, Paula, Craig and Kevin working as a team

Deep cleaning the kitchen
As with any busy kitchen you need to regularly deep clean, to maintain high standards and keep the kitchen safe and clean. 

 Nick is cleaning the kitchen

Bird feeders

 We have built several bird feeders around our site, we have also been making our own seed balls. The local birds have taken a liking to our bird feed recipe

A visit bird enjoying our home made bird feeder.

Repairing the skittles from our skittle alley

Due to regular use, we need to occasionally repaint our skittles.


 Our home made dumplings grew to quite a massive size
"Craig in the kitchen, not sticking his tongue out for once" Liam 2016
Craig creating short bread for Cafe' time.

"Elena putting her biscuits in the oven." Craig 2016

So that's it for this week in Greenhouse, lots of fun and intersting things to come next week. Including building an outdoor drum kit and some new games to play in music and movements.

Many thanks to Liam, Dan and Craig for guest editing today's post and choosing our photos.

See you next week.

Team Greenhouse

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