Monday, 7 March 2016

March in Greenhouse

Welcome to Spring in Greenhouse

During the first week in March, Greenhouse team have been making Mothers Day cards, planning the site clearance in preparation for the music activities using our homemade drums etc. The Gardeners have been working hard at tidying and clearing the QE2 grounds. We have completed refurbishing the Skittles which are ready for QE2 competitions. We have been putting legs on our allotment signs using power tools, (a lesson from Kerry helped us all). Training for the Gung Ho team continues three times a week, in preparation for their May 7th Competition on Southampton Common. Some pictures follow of some of the mentioned activities;

Music site chosen!


                                                Getting some ideas down on paper!

                                             Weekly deep clean taking place in earnest!


Kevin and Cheryl making creative Mothers Day cards.

Paul helping tidy QE2 grounds (your Editors favorite photo this week)

The refurbished skittles

The Allotment signs with legs
This weeks blog was brought to you by Liam and Chelsea

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