Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sign of the times

Hello and welcome to our latest blog from the green house!

Today's editors are Gemma, Cheryl and Suzie. This week we have had lots of interesting adventures and lots of building and painting.

As we are replanting our allotment, as well as planting seeds and bulbs we have been building signs to tell people what is in the ground.

We have also been refurbishing our bird tables, many of them needed legs replacing and some of them needed re-painting.

As the sun has been out we decided to join our friends in our Gold group and went out for a walk together into the woods along the river bank. We are hoping to continue exploring the woods during the summer, who knows we may even have our lunch over a camp fire in the future.

Planting the seeds

Our allotment starts to take shape, with lots of vegetables being planted. in a few months we will hopefully have lots of fresh veg for our dinner table.

Fresh Paint

With the help from Toby we have been refurbishing some of our out buildings with a fresh coat of paint.

Sign posts!

Billy, Mark, Kevin, Adam, Lenita, Paula, Cheslea and Rob have been painting new signs for our allotment. Everyone who took part showed amazing team work and everyone appeared to enjoy the process from start to finish. Well done chaps!

Out and About

Here's some photos from the Gold/Green house joint walking adventure. We decided as a group that it was such a lovely day that we should go for a walk together and enjoy the outdoors.

The great seed race!

This week saw one of our famous Great seed races. so far our teams have bagged 2700 bags of seed.

 "This is a very nice photograph of Kevin."
 Gemma Langford 2016

Flowers in the window

Fresh flowers for spring time.

The bird tables have turned!

We have been revitalizing our bird tables over the last week or so, replacing broken legs, rebuilding the tables and giving it all a fresh lick of paint.
Lots of hard work from Amy, Thomas, Dan and Nick to get the job done.

And of course everyone helps clean up.

We said a fond farewell to Andy Last week but we forgot to upload this great photo of Andy with his Brussels sprout good luck cake.

That's all for this week, see you soon from the Greenhouse team.

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