Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Heat Wave!

Hello from the hot green house!
          Today has been a very warm day in the sun and we are starting to feel the effects of todays heat wave. We've been out in the garden working hard, It's thirsty work!

Greenhouse team decided to have drinks out side in the sun.  (Adam Janakirman)

We at Greenhouse had a vsit from Mimms Davis our local MP. So we decided to tidy up the front garden. (Kevin Small)

The team Laid down bark and wood chippings around our fruit trees and raised beds. we also installed a second bench for people to enjoy the garden on a nice day. (Kevin Small)

Team Green also had a massive clean up of the pathways around the centre making everything spic and span. Good work everyone! (Kevin Small)

Even when there's sweeping to be done Greenhouse can still find the fun and have a laugh.

The bushes around the car park also needed a bit of a trim. all hands on deck!

A few days Later Greenhouse was asked to prepare the ground for our friends from Zurich Insurance who volunteered to spruce up one of our seating areas. (Expect photos of their work soon)

Lots of roots and branches needed to be cleared away, so we could make space for more seating.

One of many wheel barrow loads to the compost heap.
This is one of my favorites, Adam is working hard!  (Adam Janakirman)

It was a very hot but fun day tidying up the Qe2 Centre. Everything is looking much tidier now!
(Kevin Small)

A big thank you to today's reporters Adam Janakirman and Kevin Small for choosing the pictures and writing the blog!

See you next time! (Adam and Kevin)

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